Wintergrip Tyres

wintergrip sqaureWintergrip provides cold weather tyres from all major manufacturers.

A set of cold weather tyres gives you the confidence to make journeys in even the most hazardous and icy road conditions.

All season tyres are ideal for getting about all year round, and they cost no more than a standard summer tyre. Wintergrip Tyres provide you the best possible service and advice when selecting the tyres right for you and your car.

We offer the SnowGecko at Wintergrip. It’s is a newly developed tyre cover, aimed at increasing tyre-to-road friction when driving cars on icy or snowy roads

storage squareWintergrip offers a storage and fitting solution for your wheels and tyres.

When you purchase a set of cold weather tyres you can leave us your summer tyres to look after until they are required.

Why use winter tyres in the UK?

We can supply cold weather tyres and all season tyres for most vehicles, from a small passenger vehicle through to a high performance sports car.

  • Winter tyres can usually be fitted to your existing wheels, alternatively we can often supply wheel and tyre assemblies for less than you may think.
  • Winter tyres greatly improve safety when driving in temperatures below +7 ˚C.

Here at Wintergrip we can also store your summer wheels/tyres while you are driving safely on your cold weather tyres. We can also store your cold weather tyres over the summer. Click here to look at our storage solutions.


Winter tyres use a tread rubber compound (high silica content) and tread pattern specifically designed to retain flexibility in low temperatures (below +7C) and give good braking/traction performance on snow/ice as well as on wet roads in cold conditions .

The sidewall of a winter tyre will be marked with a symbol showing a snowflake or snow-topped mountains.