Diagnosing and finding faults, resolving and repairing.

Modern diesel engines suffer with a variety of problems and here at Wiseman Motor Services we have all the right equipment and training to obtain a solution for you.

If your diesel car will not start, fails the MOT emission test or does not sound or run correctly, it may have a failed component.

When a petrol car fails the MOT emissions test there can often be no apparent faults, no engine warning light and no real symptoms. This can make the situation very frustrating for the driver.

Here at Wiseman Motor Services we have all the relevant knowledge to establish the problem, this can be a faulty catalytic convertor or oxygen sensor.

At Wiseman Motor Services, we have all the necessary technology and experience to perform efficient diagnostics on your car – and find the culprit error.

The electrics and functions of your vehicle are very complicated and are operated by a series of modules or controllers, we can determine which of these are at fault.

We specialise our services and experience in mostly European cars; ranging from Mini, Volkswagon, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi.

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