MOT Testing: A brief overview of rising UK standards for motor vehicles and the difficulties they present

Wiseman Motor Services provides a professional and comprehensive MOT test for your vehicle. MOT tests are compulsory for all vehicles when they reach 3 years old (specialist vehicles such as ambulances require annual MOT tests from 1 year old).

  • We carry out MOT tests on vehicles up to 3000kgs design gross weight.
  • All Mot tests are carried out strictly in accordance with VOSA guidelines.
  • Our MOT test facility is the latest specification automatic testing lane.
  • The facility features an automated wheel alignment tester, on vehicle shock absorber and suspension tester and automatic play detectors for accurate suspension testing.

FREE wheel alignment check with all tests

Both front and rear wheel alignment is automatically checked during the MOT test and any problems can be recorded and highlighted to the vehicle owner.

Automatic Suspension Check

Both front and rear suspension is automatically tested during the MOT, any suspension noise can be detected and the shock absorbers are checked for efficiency. Any defects can then be recorded and highlighted to the owner.

Emissions Testing

Vehicle exhaust emissions are tested during the MOT. We can resolve any issues surrounding MOT emission failures in our Diagnostic Department. We can also test HGV vehicle emissions prior to a plate test.

Class VII Vehicle Testing

For vehicles over 3000kgs DGW we offer a MOT preparation service. This includes servicing and repairs to Commercial Vehicles up to 5 tonnes DGW.

Please call 01564 784753 for details.

How To Check Your Oil

  • motor-oil-and-your-carStep 1 – Switch Off Engine. Your car should be parked on level ground.
  • Step 2 – Locate Dipstick. Open your bonnet and look for the dipstick – this should be brightly coloured and easy to find!
  • Step 3 – Clean Dipstick. Use your cloth to wipe the oil off the dipstick.
  • Step 4 – Check Oil Level.
  • Step 5 – Top Up Oil.

Examples Of Bad Tyre Wear

tyrewearAs the tyres are the only part of your vehicle that grips the road, the depth of tread on them is very important for the safety of your vehicle.

Tyre wear (the depth of tread) signals the health of your tyre. Driving with low tread depth increases the potential for tyre failure and aquaplaning. Low tread depth in winter weather conditions can severely reduce grip and control.

Motorists driving with tyres under the legal limit also risk a fine.

Wiseman Motor Services

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