All Season Tyres

Kleber Quadraxer

Good traction on snow and efficient braking on icy roads: designed for a wide range of small to medium cars.

For 100 years, KLEBER has built its reputation on a rule of three : reliability, safety and proximity. Three great virtues which make this brand, known throughout Europe, one of the market leaders and the partner of the major car manufacturers, and apply to the whole KLEBER range. KLEBER tyres are fitted on all types of vehicle and guarantee drivers safety and peace of mind

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Vredestein Quatrac Tyres




The Quatrac 3 is the ideal alternative for motorists in a temperate climate who want to drive all year round on the same type of tyre. The striking asymmetrical, non-directional tread with the separate summer and winter sides offers optimal safety and comfort in all weather conditions.

The tyre has excellent handling characteristics that are ideal for driving in summer conditions on dry and wet roads. At the same time, the tyre offers perfect grip and high dispersal capacity in winter conditions. Three longitudinal grooves are incorporated into the tread, providing efficient water dispersion.







The Quatrac Lite is the tyre for motorists who value safety, energy efficiency and convenience all year round! It is the first “green” 4-season tyre which, thanks to advanced technologies such as a “Full Polymer Compound”, has a low rolling resistance. A striking feature of this tyre is the numerous notches, or “Flexing Points”. These give the tyre adequate grip on snow.

But the Quatrac Lite also stands out for its wet grip and excellent steering characteristics. Ideal for compact (electric) city cars, which need to be fast and instantly manoeuvrable in the busy traffic. An additional advantage is the convenience of not having to change and store tyres. Together with the low rolling resistance, this offers real benefits for the user.

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