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Air Conditioning

Car_Air_ConWiseman Motor Services can carry out maintenance and repairs to vehicle air conditioning systems. Our service equipment can recharge the air conditioning and install a special leak finding dye into the system. This can help find any faults if your air conditioning fails at any time after recharging.

We can test and replace the mechanical components of the air con system and also interrogate the electronic control module using our specialist diagnostic tools.
We offer a free temperature check to ensure your air conditioning is operating correctly.

Please call for further details: 01564 784753

  • Recharge Air Conditioning
  • Special Leak Finding Dye
  • Replacement of Mechanical Components
  • FREE Temperature Check

urlVehicle Heating Systems

Wiseman Motor Services can also service and maintain vehicle heating systems such as Eberspacher.

Please call for further details: 01564 784753

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